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Leather workshop

Chrishawn Starr

Chrishawn Starr is a dynamic Fashion Designer specializing in Formal, Bridal, and Ready-to-Wear Designs, as well as; Print Design, Garment Construction, and Trend Analysis. 
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Our Process

The Starr Experience 


So, what is The Starr Experience? This is the process for every garment from idea to production. Of course, there may be some extra steps along the way for specific styles or in some cases steps may even be skipped for a ready-to-wear design. We ensure that, every Chrishawn Starr Custom Design is unique. We utilize these steps and morph them into our process to make each client a Starr. 

Mood Board / Ideation / Inspiration

Fashion Illustration / Sketches

Technical Sketches

Tech Pack



Fit & Review

Design Approval




Our Expertise


We turn clients into Starrs 

Chrishawn Starr strives to ensure to possess strong communication skills, and an ability to collaborate with our clients with a detail-oriented outlook. We specialize in Bridal Gowns, Tuxedos, both Formal and Casual Dresses & Suits, Prom Gowns and Tuxedos, and various Ready-to-Wear Clothing Attire.  



Our Commitment


Our Beliefs, Values, and Promise.

Since his adolescent years, Chrishawn Starr has been driven by strong ethics and values which include but not limited to; respect, sincerity, generosity, honesty, vulnerbility, drive and commitment. Since the development of his design house, Chrishawn has remained faithful and true to those values.

Chrishawn Starr Custom Designs above all is a responsible brand, mindful of our design processes and our impact on our clients. We are attentive to the relationship of trust and loyalty, and to overall showcase respect for our client's vision. We are also a company committed to solidarity, the environment, and artistic expression.

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